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Jess 9th Mar, 2015+0
This company has rang my phone 9 TIMES NOW today at least 45-60 minutes apart and they are calling and asking for my father BY HIS FULL NAME and telling me his "male enhancement pills are ready" and that the address they had mailed them to was returned to sender, and are asking for an updated address. Thing is, my father hasn't had this number in at least 5 months (he got a new one and I took this line on our phone plan) and yet they still call asking for him. I have told them 8 times he no longer has the number and the 9th time they called I told them I was recording the call to press charges, and they hung up.
Time to take back 8th Dec, 2014+0
Scammers calling about your male enhancement order???? Person speaks with a thick accent, sounds like possible India/Pakistan origin. Once they called, be ready to get continuous calls every few hours
Time to take back 8th Dec, 2014+0
After reading others complaints, same as.everybody who has gotten calls from this number. FCC needs to conduct an investigation and pursue this group. First caller was a female, she asked for me by name, told me my address, much to my surprise... I just moved here and had a house phone installed very recently... makes one wonder, are we all ants living in an ant farm being watched by "Big Brother and now, Little Sister"
bob 6th Mar, 2014+0
When you call them back, they charge your cell phone money,to talk ,to them,per min. Selling male inhansment drugs to car insurance.
scratch 5th Mar, 2014+0
i never can tell them to remove me. do'n know how they got my number
scratch 5th Mar, 2014+0
same as most of the posts above.
thebigsalenow 4th Feb, 2014+0
did not give me a chance to take a message for the home owner or to request that this number should be removed from his auto dialer. and i could not tell him that the home number is on the do not call list
alex 14th Aug, 2013+0
Calls several times, never leaves message. We are on the Do not call List. Getting very angry at whoever is doing this.
Monzee 14th Jun, 2013+0
when i piked the call, noisy voice at other end and call got disconnected
Clayton 6th Mar, 2013+0
This number keeps texting messages to a mobile phone. Very annoying.
Justina 15th Jan, 2013+0
Caller cursed at me and threatened physical violence when told wasn't interested and remove me from their call list..
ShaneT 18th Oct, 2012+0
I have received phone calls from this number the last few days. I missed the call all except the last time, which was just a minute ago when I decided to look it up. When I answered, I heard nothing - no background noise, no recording, nothing. I'm sick of them calling me!
Chels 15th Sep, 2012+0
Carpet cleaning...
Kacey 9th Sep, 2012+0
have multiple calls on caller I.D. but no message and line is always busy when I try to call back
Karie 1st Mar, 2012+0
He left me a message on my machine saying it was urgent and that I was being sued and he even had the last four of my social security number.
Zim 23rd Feb, 2012+0
He said he was from crime and investigation and that i had committed fraud. wants me to call him today if not i will be arrested
Ape 10th Feb, 2012+0
SCAM********** SCAM **************** A heavy accented person calls n claims you owe money and tha if u don not pay today they will file a case against in court! They can not give u any information other than ur ss#, DOB n maybe address (SCARY uh?)they threaten n are very rude! ANY real Lawyers office, Police Dept, or anything dealing with the law will NOT contat you via phone as an initial contact unless directed by you to do so!
Shan 24th Jan, 2012+0
i am on the do not call list but i tried registering this same number and they say it doesnt exist

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